Starts from US$20/month

*Localised plans and pricing available for Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Monthly Pricing

Base price (includes first 5 active employees) US$20
Additional Full Time employee US$4 / employee
Additional Part Time employee US$2 / employee
*Price is capped at US$400 per month for each entity (limited time offer)
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Store employee data securely
Create admin and employee accounts
Manage multiple access rights
Keep track of job history for promotions and salary increments
Categorise employees by cost centres, departments and branches
Upload attachments in employee profiles
Export employee data and profiles reports to Excel
Preset Public Holidays and Custom Holidays settings
Employees able to update their personal details, contacts and next-of-kin details by themselves
Create custom field types for individual employees
Process single/multiple pay disbursements per month
Tweak pay items to suit different countries’ requirements
Customise employee payslips/paychecks
Employees may view their payslips/paychecks online
Export and print payslips/paychecks in PDF or hardcopy
Export advance payroll reports such as Payroll Report for management (sort by Cost Centres and Departments), Variance Report, Pay Items Overall Report and more.
Create payroll entries in your Xero/QuickBooks Online accounts with the ability to group by cost centres
Automatically calculate leave encashment for resignation
Automatically sync approved unpaid leave as payroll deductions
Apply, approve and review leave/time-off applications
Customise your own statutory leave types for local requirements
Customise your own leave types (e.g. Birthday leave, Company Anniversary Leave, Compassionate Leave and more)
Different Annual Leave policies for different groups of employees
Designate multiple leave approvers in your company
Grant Off-in-lieu / Time-off when needed
Attachment of documents while applying for leave
Employees may apply for leave/time-off, view leave balances, and selected teammate’s leave applications in their own calendars
Connect to Xero, QuickBooks Online accounting platforms
Connect to Deputy, King of Time and Scheduling platforms.
Connect to Google Calendar to show approved leave applications from Leave app
Access to API integration
Additional Security and Account Features
2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for logging in
Access to multiple companies’ accounts across countries for Super Admin and Admin


You have questions?

We have answers.

Do you have price plans for other countries/cities?

Yes we do! For locations we fully support, you may tap/click on the location selector in the top menu bar of your screen to view the different pricing plans we offer. For other locations, we offer a generic plan in USD. Drop us a message to find out more.

How does the 30-day trial work?

After signup, you’ll have 30 days of full access to the Talenox HR stack (Payroll, Profiles, Leave). Start running payroll right away, or share the experience with your team and start assigning approvers for the Leave app.

What happens at the end of my trial?

You can convert your trial to any of these Talenox plans (PAYROLL, LEAVE, SUITE) by keying in your payment information on the Billing page. If you decide not to, the trial will be converted to the FREE plan automatically, which grants you basic access to basic functions in the PROFILES and PAYROLL modules.

Which banks does Talenox support?

We’ve got a list of banks we partner with here. If the banks mentioned in the list aren’t quite what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us via our messaging feature and we’ll see what we can do.

However, we’re working on something exciting in relation to the future of payments. Let’s just say we’re opening up a whole new gateway of opportunities for our global clients.

Will my data be safe with Talenox?

We safeguard your information from the moment you sign up. Refer to our privacy policy and terms of service for more information.

How do I pay for a Talenox SUITE account?

Talenox supports credit and debit card payments.

How do you determine the billing amount each month?

The base fee of US$20 (5 headcount and below regardless of full- or part-timers) will be charged at the beginning of a monthly billing cycle. A US$4 charge is added to your bill for every additional active employee (those with a hired date but no resignation date). Also, your bill will always be capped once you hit a minimum number of headcount (for a limited time - the cap is now only US$400), which means that if you have a company of 700, the fee will still be US$400.

There is a special exception to part-timers after the base rate is applied. Instead of US$4, active part-timers are charged 50% of the cost for a full-timer. Employees who have resigned prior to the billable period will not count towards the bill.

Is there a contract period for Talenox SUITE?

Nope, we feel a monthly fee is more flexible and sustainable for small- to medium-sized teams.

What kind of support can I get when I start using Talenox?

We have a Knowledge Centre filled with 'How-to' articles and guides, and a YouTube channel with video walkthroughs. You may also opt for an online demo with our friendly consultants. Lastly, for all other enquiries, you may drop us a message (look for the icon at the bottom-right corner of the page) and we'll contact you shortly.

Hmm. Is there someone I can speak to about Talenox?

Sure, say hi to us at, and we’ll contact you shortly.

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