Grow with Affiliates

Talenox Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to build awareness and engagement for your brand. Partner up with us to create value for our audiences through co-marketing initiatives.

Why grow with Talenox?

You’ll get to market your products on our platforms in return for promoting Talenox on your platforms. It’s an inexpensive method of spreading the word about our Brands at zero cost.


Our Affiliates programme is designed to help eligible candidates expand their marketing efforts through mutually beneficial projects with Talenox.

Host an article on the Talenox blog (and vice versa)

This project helps us leverage on each other’s readership.

Co-host a webinar with Talenox

It’s where we introduce potential customers to each other.

Lower your marketing spend

Simply partake in co-marketing activities with us at zero cost.

Grow your branding and user base

Let’s share our audiences to get more exposure together.

Delight your users with Talenox perks

Kickstart your users’ Talenox journey with exclusive perks.


Interested in growing your marketing efforts as a Talenox Affiliate? Check if you’re eligible.

Similar countries of operations

Your company is based in Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong.

Similar industry types (clientele served)

The scope of your business falls under the HR Tech Industry.

Provides marketing incentive(s) to Talenox users

Guest speaking at workshops, guest blogging and more.

How you can be an Affiliate

Need more info?

Feel free to request more information by contacting us or leaving us a message via the little blue icon at the bottom right corner.

Submit application

When you’re ready, submit your application online via our form. It should take under 5 minutes.

Wait for review

We know your time is valuable, so we ask that you bear with us while we review your application. We’ll send you an email in a few days.


We strongly believe in preserving a community of partners that share our values. While our programme is free to join, only a select few get to be part of our community (and directory).

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Join us as a partner

Apply as a partner, or contact us to request more information about our partnership program.