Manage your virtual team with an online employee database

Store, view, and edit all your employee data on one secure database software.

Say hello to your new virtual filing cabinet

It’s all about the people, really

Everything in one place

View, edit, and customise employee profiles, payroll, and absence records from one central location. Manage your entire team at your fingertips, as employee data are always updated in real-time.

Your data is safe with us

You'll feel more assured knowing that we are ISO27001 certified, which means we've gone through rounds of rigorous testing helmed by international standards. We've built strict policies in managing your data.

Make the switch easily

Whether you're migrating your data from another system or starting from scratch, onboarding takes just minutes. Use thebulk user upload feature to speed things up.

Our apps are integrated

Your Profiles, Payroll, and Leave modules are seamlessly connected, so you don’t waste precious time searching for data. Leave the multi-tasking to us.

Become a database pro

Thanks to the easy, secure employee database set-up in Talenox, managing your employee records has never been easier. Create multiple companies, branches, and cost centres. Delegate tasks to other Administrators through Talenox’s administrative rights function. Access your employee data from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Employee Self-Service

As an HR professional, you can’t be managing all the nitty-gritty details by yourself, can you? Let your employees help you. With self-service employee data entry, you can control the type and amount of information to fill out. Employees may also view their paychecks and apply for time-off through their accounts.

Save hours of your time. Give Talenox a minute.

Get started on growing your business by automating your manual tasks. Talenox makes everything, from managing your employees from hire to exit, and all in between, easier for you.