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Payroll Experts work closely with us on the Sales and Business Development front. Serving mainly as HR/Payroll Consultants, Accountants, and Corporate Secretariats, Payroll Experts utilise the Talenox platform for efficiency and convenience. As a Payroll Expert, reap financial rewards in the form of tiered cash-back rebates or Talenox credits when you bring your clients onto our system.

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  • No hidden costs. 1 flat price.
  • Fresh, user-friendly.
  • Simple to setup.
  • Few steps, very flexible.
  • Fully integrated, localised and updated.
  • Partner / user support is prompt (we're always ready to chat).
  • New features and enhancements keep coming.
  • Premium service directory listing.

Legacy Systems


  • Setup fees. Training fees. Customisation costs.
  • Dated. Not user friendly.
  • Training is necessary.
  • Rigid, too many steps.
  • Modules are standalone or limited in features.
  • Partner / user support is lacking.

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