Talenox-RHB Partnership

The RHB Reflex Premium Plus integration with Talenox allows for seamless automation and disbursement of salary and statutory payments (EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB) on pay day, so you can always pay your employees on time.

Start your journey with Talenox with RHB.


Get in touch with the RHB team

Head over to the RHB website and fill out your personal particulars to be contacted by a friendly RHB account manager. You can also head down to your nearest RHB Branch to open your new account.


Choose your solutions

Select from a range of solutions to help digitise your operations. Once your account application has been approved, we’ll work with RHB to verify your account, and you can create a Talenox account directly from your RHB Reflex Premium Plus account.


Onboard your company and employees

After activating your Talenox account, log in and input your company information. You can create accounts for your employees to access Talenox via spreadsheets as well.


Enjoy your payroll-to-bank platform

With the Talenox - RHB RPP integration, disburse your payroll salaries and other statutory amounts directly from Talenox to your employees, and to the respective statutory boards (KWSP, Perkeso and LHDN).

Set up your RHB Reflex Premium Plus account

Use Talenox to conduct your payroll operations and disburse salaries and statutory payments for free.

Open your RHB account

Apply online or head down to your nearest branch to open an account within minutes.

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Choose your solutions

Select from an array of accounting, HR, POS and education solutions to help your business become more digitally efficient. Select Talenox and create your Talenox account straight from the RHB dashboard.

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Start using Talenox

Onboard your company and invite your employees to access their payslips. Run your monthly/weekly payroll without difficulty and disburse funds directly from Talenox.

Sign up with Talenox

*Do note that the Talenox solution offered with RHB Reflex Premium Plus is free to use for payroll, but does not come with the Leave module or other Integration apps. You will need to upgrade to the SUITE plan for these advanced features.

Payroll with Talenox x RHB

Onboard Your Team

Import your employee information onto Talenox via spreadsheets.

Run Seamless Payroll

Process single or multiple payruns for your staff.

Disburse Funds

Pay out the salaries and statutory funds (EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB) directly from Talenox.

Get Talenox free with RHB Reflex Premium Plus

Apply online. The fastest way to open a business account.

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Suitable for Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnerships and Partnerships

While Talenox is free to use, businesses are required to maintain a monthly payment of RM50 to RHB to maintain their Reflex Premium Plus account.