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Introducing the friendliest web-based payroll software.

Pay your employees on time

Online payroll

Online payroll

Our payroll system is web-based and accessible anytime. Access a host of functions such as spreadsheet imports, one-click payment to banks, and automatic emailing of paychecks when a payroll batch is confirmed.

We get the fine print

We get the fine print

We aim to cater to country-specific stipulations such as minimum wage and tax rates. Simply let us know which country or city you want us to be in - we’ll get there as soon as we possibly can.

Flexible payroll options

Flexible payroll options

Run individual or payroll batches based on your payment schedule. We cater to both monthly and weekly payments.

Xero integration

Xero integration

Talenox and Xero are fully integrated, so you can send those pay entries to Xero with one click.

Powerful and versatile payroll calculation

Built-in calculation engine

Our advanced built-in calculation engine calculates for a wide variety of pay structures and groups, so you don't have to manually compute for every kind of scenario.

Validations for paychecks

We've preset check processes to adjust for things like over-time pay and absence calculations in each payroll calculation.

Compliant with local laws - graphic

Updated with the latest labor regulations

Understanding and applying labor regulations to your HR processes can be daunting. That’s why we keep track of the changes so you don’t have to. Now you don’t have to worry if your payroll calculations are automatically updated or not. They are.

Receive status notifications - graphic

Consider your taxes done

Our HR apps will take care of country-specific tax calculations and levies, among others.

Complete integration

Do you know that our HR system is completely integrated with external systems such as accounting software Xero AND local banks? Now you can get your payrolls processed with the click of a button.

Collaboration with banks and financial institutions

We always make it an effort to partner with the local banks you require in your country. Similarly, we regularly configure our system so your payroll files are always compatible with the various banks for easy export and uploads.

Works with Xero and Local banks.

Trusted by  thousands of happy users

Talenox has been a game-changer for us managing our HR and payroll. What was once a nightmare is now a breeze and has saved us loads of time and money. Any business must be on this.

Ben LeeSarnies Cafe

Talenox's ease of set up and use gave us the confidence to fully take on the HR function in-house some months back. It is a powerful and simple solution, and has clearly given the industry a much needed face lift.


Perhaps the simplest HR software I have ever used.

FriedrichMarco Marco

ratings in Xero, Quickbooks app marketplaces, and Google.