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Payroll Experts work closely with us on the Sales and Business Development front. Serving mainly as HR/Payroll Consultants, Accountants, and Corporate Secretariats, Payroll Experts utilise the Talenox platform for efficiency and convenience. As a Payroll Expert, reap financial rewards in the form of cash savings as your client user base grows. Cash savings are credited to yours and your clients’ portfolio companies bills to help offset your monthly subscription fees.

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only 8SGD

per employee/month

No hidden costs. 1 flat price.

Fresh, user-friendly.

Simple to setup.

Few steps, very flexible.

Fully integrated, localised and updated.

Partner/user support is prompt (we're always ready to chat).

New features and enchancements keep coming.

Premium service directory listing.

Legacy Systems


Setup fees. Training fees. Customization costs.

Dated. Not user friendly.

Training is necessary.

Rigid, too many steps.

Modules are standalone or limited in features.

Partner/user support is lacking.

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