Deputy Integration

Deputy is the one of the world’s leading workforce management software. The Talenox-Deputy integration ensures that your timesheets are seamlessly pulled into your Talenox account without a hassle.


Scheduling & time-tracking software Deputy and payroll management software Talenox are both must-haves for your company. Talenox eases your payroll process and employee time-off management, while Deputy simplifies your employee shift planning and rest break planning.

The Talenox-Deputy integration allows you import your staff’s timesheet directly into Talenox for faster and more accurate payroll processing. Approved leave applications from Talenox are also automatically updated in Deputy and visible as you build your schedule. Together, both Talenox and Deputy help eliminate double-entry of data and ensure your staff are paid accurately. The best part is, both Deputy and Talenox integrate effortlessly with just one click.



After you have your company details and employee profiles imported into Talenox, you can connect the cost centres in Talenox to the branch locations in Deputy; this helps you track cost centre spending. Thereafter, you can directly import the existing employee records from Talenox into Deputy to sync approved hours every pay period.

In addition to linking time sheets to payroll, the Talenox-Deputy integration allows you to reduce scheduling conflict by syncing the Talenox Leave module to the Deputy Scheduler. All it takes is a click of a button.

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How to set up

So, how do you link your employee schedules in Deputy and the employee records in Talenox? You can find out here.

  1. 1.

    Log into Talenox and head over to User > Integrations.

  2. 2.

    Under Integrations, click on “Deputy”. Then, click “Connect to Deputy” and select the correct entity to connect.

  3. 3.

    Click on “Cost Centre” to sync the Cost Centres in Talenox to Locations/Branches in Deputy, then click “Save”.

  4. 4.

    Under each employee profile in the Talenox Profiles module, tag specific fields in Deputy to the profile under “Deputy Employee Profile”, then click “Save”.

  5. 5.

    Under the People page in Deputy, you’ll see the list of employees that were created in Talenox. Now, you can pull timesheets from Deputy to Talenox!



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