Talenox-UOB Partnership

UOB is the One Bank for ASEAN, providing thousands of companies in Singapore with dedicated banking services. Easily pay all of your employees through a single bank file downloaded from Talenox and uploaded into UOB without any hassle.

Start your journey with Talenox in partnership with UOB BizSmart.


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Simply register for Talenox under UOB BizSmart and get verified.


Activate your Talenox account

You will be notified via email to activate your Talenox account. Follow the steps and log into your company’s account.


Upload employee details into Talenox

Through our Profiles module, you can easily import your employees’ data via spreadsheets and run payroll on Talenox.


Enjoy your payroll-to-bank platform

Talenox comes preset with CPF, tax and SDL requirements. What’s more, you can export your UOB bank files through GIRO and FAST, and also pay your fees to CPF directly.

UOB BizSmart / Start Digital

Receive 50% off first 6 months off your Talenox SUITE Subscription when you sign up through UOB BizSmart or UOB Start Digital

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Apply for BizSmart quickly - go online and submit your application without having to fill out paperwork at a UOB branch

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Once your Talenox account is created and you have activated your email with us, you can start importing your employees’ data and run your payroll seamlessly on Talenox.

Payroll with Talenox x UOB

Download Bank File

Export payroll bank file from Talenox.

Upload Bank File

Upload the payroll bank file into your UOB portal.

Disburse Salaries

Set salary disbursement date on Talenox and pay your staff on time.

Receive 50% off the first 6 months of your Talenox SUITE subscription in partnership with UOB BizSmart or Start Digital

Apply online. The fastest way to get started on seamless payroll

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Locally registered and incorporated in Singapore with at least 30% local shareholding

First time applying for Start Digital under IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital Programme

Have never utilised Talenox before

Once you've qualified, receive 50% off the first 6 months of your Talenox SUITE subscription.