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Through your HR dashboard, access Profiles - the place to store and manage your employee information. Multiple administrative rights can be created for different editing/viewing options.


Never miss paying an employee. Make payments flexibly throughout the month with details captured in each payslip. Set different pay dates for different people. Connect your payroll to accounting systems.


Talenox Leave comes preset with mandatory employment leave types and holidays. Create and approve leave for everyone through a team calendar. Also, manage leave types, grades and preferences for individuals.


Your Talenox account will always be updated with the latest statutory changes to the Employment Ordinance and Labour Law regulations. Say goodbye to manually calculating MPF contributions, IRD e-Tax, pro-rated salaries, and even time-off related pay (e.g. No Pay Leave, Maternity Leave).

Multi-Company Payroll

Got a holding company? Manage multiple businesses? Are your employees based elsewhere? Your Talenox HR system gives you seamless management of multiple entities with a single account.

Works with Governing Bodies

You know you’re in good hands when your HR system partners with several major local banks and governing bodies. Talenox supports and is compliant with MPF, Inland Revenue Department (IRD), and others.

ISO 27001 Certification

We’re globally accredited with one of the world’s most recognised quality management standard certification. This validates our commitment to you, our user, that we have developed clear and secure processes to govern your most valuable data.

We’re integrated with your favourite companies

Integrated with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Statutory Boards and Banks

We connect our data to and from various applications you use everyday, making it super easy for you to pick and purchase only what you need. Browse our integrations in our directory, to discover which systems we’re connected with.

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Run basic payroll functions with some automation.

Talenox Profiles

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Talenox Payroll

Run single or multiple payroll payments per month

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Unlimited employees

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SUITE plan

Stay on top of your things with advanced features, including Leave and reporting.

Talenox Profiles & Payroll

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Talenox Leave

Manage employee leave

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