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Talenox offers a growing variety of complementary technologies that empower its users to take on any business operations with ease.

Why build with Talenox?

You’ll get to expose your app to thousands of companies that already use Talenox. If our integration can help our users get more done, let’s connect! We’d love to talk about how we can further liberate businesses from redundant workflows.


Our Integrated Apps programme is designed to render an ecosystem of support and growth for tech leaders like you.

Expose your app to companies using Talenox

You can build your integration capabilities on our Open APIs.

Provide your users direct access to Talenox

It’s the easiest way to process payroll and manage leave.

Gain sustained competitive advantage

We integrate to deliver superior service to our users.

Seamlessly transfer data between our systems

Our users won’t have to key in the same information twice.

Deliver new, cost-effective customer experiences

You can simply add another functionality with our API.


Interested in building Integrated Apps with Talenox? Check if you’re eligible.


Similar countries of operations


Similar industry types (clientele served)


Has/Requires a Talenox Account

APIs Familiarity

Familiarity with Talenox APIs

User base

Has substantial user base (min. 1,000 companies)

How you can be an Integrated App Partner

Review our API docs

Take a look at our API documentation. Talenox API lets you retrieve HR and payroll data that your users would benefit from.

Contact us

Apply as a partner below or reach out to us through our in-app messaging feature at the bottom right corner.

Need more info?

Feel free to request more information by contacting us or leaving us a message via our in-app chat at the bottom right corner.


As a Talenox user, you can use our directory to find the right Integrated App that works for your business. Choose from thousands of trusted Talenox partners to get more efficient.

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Apply as a partner, or contact us to request more information about our partnership program.