Talenox-DBS Partnership

DBS has an extensive regional footprint and a strong team with deep insights of Asia. With downloading of bank file and uploading to DBS IDEAL to salary disbursements, your teammates can be paid in just a few steps.

Start your journey with Talenox with DBS Start Digital.


Apply for Start Digital in 5 minutes

Simply register for Talenox under DBS Start Digital and get verified. A Talenox account will be created for you.


Activate your Talenox account

You will be notified via email to activate your Talenox account. Follow the steps and log into your company’s account.


Upload employee details into Talenox

Once your business account is set up, you can start importing your employees’ data and run your payroll on Talenox.


Enjoy your payroll-to-bank platform

Talenox comes preset with CPF, tax, and SDL requirements. What’s more, you can export your DBS bank files through GIRO and FAST.

Get onboard Talenox with DBS Start Digital

Receive up to 12 months worth of Talenox SUITE subscription when you sign up for the Start Digital program under DBS

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Choose your solutions

Select from a range of solutions that will best help your company go digital. Pick Talenox for fuss-free payroll operations.

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Get verified

You’ll be prompted to fill up a form and a bank representative will get in touch with you. Once approved, your Talenox account will be created and we’ll notify you.

Check out our features

Once your Talenox account is created and you have activated your email with us, you can start importing your employees’ data and run your payroll seamlessly on Talenox.

Payroll with Talenox x DBS

Download Bank File

Export payroll bank file from Talenox.

Upload Bank File

Upload the payroll bank file to DBS IDEAL.

Disburse Salaries

Set salary disbursement date on Talenox and pay your staff on time.

Get up to 12 months of Talenox free with DBS Start Digital

Apply online. The fastest way to get started on seamless payroll

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Locally registered and incorporated in Singapore with at least 30% local shareholding

First time applying for Start Digital under IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital Programme

Have never utilised Talenox before

Once you’ve qualified, receive a 30-day SUITE trial and $440 credits that can be used to help pay for up to 11 months of the SUITE subscription on Talenox.