Attention, Employers: Tax season is here!

It's time to prepare your IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, and IR8S forms for your employees.

Talenox is an 'Category A' payroll vendor that supports the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income.

With a FREE Talenox account, submitting IR8A to the IRAS tax portal takes just one click of a button.

Save hours of your time. Tax-File with Talenox.

Companies MUST already be registered under the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS) in order to submit the forms electronically. However, you may still sign up to experience Talenox's FREE Payroll module. To utilise Talenox's IRAS integration feature for next year's submission, simply register your company under AIS. You may do so with this link.

Payroll?  AIS?  Direct e-submission?
Get answers to your questions.

Is this too good to be true?

No, it's not. As business owners ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be when tax season comes. As part of our services offered, we just want to do our part for the Singapore business commmunity by making filing taxes just a bit more delightful.

When is the deadline for filing?

It's 1 March.

What is the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS)?

This scheme allows employers to electronically complete and submit their employees’ income information to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Employers who have hired 6 or more employees or have received a “Notice to File Employment Income of Employees Electronically” are required to electronically submit their employees’ income tax information before March 1. By doing so, the submitted income tax information will appear in the employees’ electronic tax return and will automatically be included in their individual income tax assessment.

What happens at the end of my trial?

You can convert your trial to a Talenox SUITE Plan by keying in your payment information on the Billing page. If you decide not to, the trial will be converted to a FREE Plan, which grants you access to basic Payroll features. Even if you're on a FREE Plan, you can still submit your employees' Employment Income directly to IRAS every year.

I want to use your Leave module as well. How do I pay for a Talenox SUITE account?

Talenox supports credit and debit card payments. Simply log in and upgrade your plan on our Billing page.

How do you determine the billing amount each month for Talenox SUITE?

The base fee of $40.00 (5 headcount and below) will be charged at the beginning of a monthly billing cycle. An $8 charge is added to your bill for every additional active employee (those with a hired date but no resignation date). Also, your bill will always be capped once you hit a minimum number of headcount (for a limited time - the cap is now only $400 SGD), which means that if you have a company of 700, the fee will still be $400 SGD.

There is a special exception to part-timers. Instead of $8, active part-timers are charged 50% of the cost for a full-timer (i.e. $4). Employees who have resigned prior to the billable period will not count towards the bill.

What if I’ve already processed my company’s payroll for the year? May I bring the data over to Talenox?

Of course! You may add employees into our system manually, or simply import them in one batch via our pre-formatted online sheet. After your data is imported, simply process the payroll for the months taxable, generate your Form IR8A, and submit it directly to IRAS. There is no additional fee or charge that comes with this service.

What comes with my registration?

We offer a 30-day trial to all new signups (on the SUITE Plan) so that they experience full access to the Talenox HR stack (Payroll, Profiles, Leave). This of course, includes the Direct Submission to IRAS feature.

The SUITE Plan also comes with generation and direct submission of other tax forms such as IR8S, Appendix 8A, and Appendix 8B.

What kind of support can I get when I start using Talenox?

We have a Knowledge Centre filled with ‘How-to’ articles and guides on our website, and a messaging function in our system where you can talk to real people (not robots!). We also conduct seminars several times a year for our users.

Is there a minimum contract period to use Talenox?

No, you may cancel your subscription anytime. Instead of binding you to a long contract period, we believe that a usage-based subscription model is more flexible and sustainable for small- to medium-sized businesses.

I've submitted my Form IR8A to IRAS, but I realised I made some mistakes. How do I make the changes?

Fret not. With Talenox, all you need to do is to amend your file in our IR8A page, save it, and submit it directly to IRAS from our application.

I'm still not convinced. Why should use I Talenox when I can manually submit my Form IR8A to the IRAS tax portal?

Well, you really don't have to, but trust us - it's going to save you a lot of time and effort if you do. Payroll software vendors like Talenox help you generate all required files and tax forms automatically. You no longer have to download, print, and distribute hardcopy forms to your employees, since we will take care for you.

Our direct integration to IRAS also means that the whole process of acquiring forms, validating, and submitting them, are streamlined via our software. Plus, you can do all these for FREE.

I still have a few questions. Is there someone I can speak to about Talenox?

Sure, say hi to us at hello@talenox, and we’ll contact you shortly. Alternatively, drop us a message using the little blue messaging button you see on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Will my data be safe with Talenox?

Absolutely! We safeguard your information from the moment you sign up. Refer to our privacy policy and terms of service for more information.